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hen ambitious newspaper reporter Ann Mitchell loses her job in the middle of the Depression, she prints a phony letter from a "John Doe" who, protesting the state of society, promises to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve. Circulation goes through the roof and Ann convinces her editor to hire an out-of-work ballplayer, John Willoughby, to stand in while she ghost-writes the "John Doe" column. With her words and his down-home charm, John Doe quickly becomes a national sensation. As Ann, John and "John" tour the country, a strange love triangle begins to form, and when the paper's powerful owner reveals his true plans for John Doe, both Ann and John must confront the hoax they've created and decide what they truly believe in.

Musical numbers


  • Overture
  • Yesterday's News
  • I'm Your Man
  • Page Eight, at the Top
  • Fast Talking
  • I Hope You Can See This
  • I Feel Like a Man
  • Get the Picture
  • Be More
  • Money Talks
  • He Threw Me
  • He Speaks To Me


  • Entr'acte and Radio Jingle
  • Thank You
  • Bigger Than Baseball
  • Who the Hell...?
  • Lighthouses
  • New American Times
  • I'm Your Man (Reprise)
  • Finale

Cast Breakdown

Ann Mitchell
Early thirties, smart, ambitious newspaper reporter who's less cynical than she thinks she is.
John Willoughby
Thirty, down-and-out ex-baseball pitcher, tall, plain-spoken, with a deep sense of fair play.
D.B. Norton
Forties-fifites, a ruthless, charming and wealthy oil mogul turnwed newspaper owner.
Richard Connell
Late fifties, an experienced and unsentimental newspaper editor; surprisingly, also a true patriot.
The Colonel
Fifties, professional hobo and grouch, suspicious of the system and intent on living "off the grid".
twenties, Connell's high-strung assistant who reveals a sober, mercenary side.
Six to ten (or more) strong personalities, of all types and ages, representing a real cross-section of America.